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Dr. Jennica Moore, PhD, CPA, CFE

Hi, I’m Jennica. I am a registered civil and domestic relations mediator and arbitrator specializing in family and divorce cases. As a mediator, I want to give back and provide accessible alternative solutions to my community. That is why I decided to establish the firm Carson Madison. As the Founder and Co-owner of this company, myself and my colleagues get the opportunity to help people throughout the state of Georgia.

In addition to being a mediator, I am an accounting professor with a variety of publications in academic journals. I get to teach accounting courses for several universities at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. I enjoy helping students discover and establish their careers.

At the end of the day, I want to help people, and I strive to represent this through my career and personal life. As a mediator, I take a people-focused approach to mediation by prioritizing integrity, communication, and personal growth. Through my knowledge, experience, and compassion, I help my clients resolve their disputes so they can move on with their lives.

On a personal note, I am married to my high school sweetheart, and we have two adult children, Madison and Carson, and three grandsons. When I am not at work, I can be found spending time with my family as well as reading, going on Jeep rides, and riding motorcycles with my husband.

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Madison Jarrard, MS, MBA

Hi, I’m Madison. I am a registered civil mediator and co-owner of Carson Madison. As a mediator, I specialize in family and divorce cases, and I am grateful for the opportunity to help people across state of Georgia.

I obtained my Master of Science degree in Bioethics from Columbia University in New York City, where I gained a greater understanding of ethics and health care policies and implications. I also have a Master of Business Administration degree from Piedmont University. 


My past experience includes several years of governmental, corporate, and non-profit auditing. Currently, I am a professor at a local private college where I teach undergraduate accounting, leadership, and business courses.

At Carson Madison, I strategically apply my knowledge and unique skill set to provide compassionate mediation for my clients. I use a friendly yet fair approach to help clients through the mediation process, and I constantly seek new learning opportunities to deliver the best solutions I can.


On a personal note, I am married and have the honor of being a bonus mom to three little boys. When I am not at work, I can be found reading, gardening, and spending quality time with my family at home and at the ball fields.

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